Issue by Issue – Hex #1

Writer – Michael Fleisher
Artist – Mark Texeira
Colours – Bob LeRose
Letters – Peter Iro

Continuing straight off from the conclusion of Jonah Hex #92, also coincidentally written by Michael Fleisher, the first issue of Hex finds the western hero as a man out of time. It is a familiar theme portrayed in comic books and here, while it does not seem to fit with this particular character, Fleisher makes it work. It begins with Hex immediately coming to in a time that is definitely not his own, a place that seems familiar but is not as it soon becomes apparent. The guns are not real, the people are robots – not that he knows what a robot is and when it all comes to light, he is confronted by strange men led by a man named Reinhold Borsten. Things are related to Jonah, like wars and battles he has no knowledge of and it almost becomes too much to handle. Fleisher soon has the man on the run after a time, Hex not wanting to be on display like a mummy or worse and as he breaks free from the facility he is being held in, he has to learn fast and adapt or face certain death. With a daring escape under his belt and a race for freedom, he soon meets up with more strange people including a damsel in distress named Stiletta who is part of a gang called the Reapers. A rescue is made, introductions happen and a battle is soon forthcoming for the most precious of resources in this new existence – water. What soon comes to Hex’s attention is that perhaps he is on the wrong side of this new fight, that the Reaper’s are worse than first appeared. The book ends on a cliff-hanger after Hex battles for his life against a man named Falcon and it finds him in a predicament he never could have dreamed of. Bringing this futuristic excursion to life is Mark Texeira, the perfect artist for any and all adventures of Jonah Hex, though many have had a hand in his chronicles. It is a brave new world for the lead of this story and while he is a man out of place, out of time, readers have to know that Hex will do what it takes to survive because he always has. This was a strong start to a series that many would never thought to have ever seen, but taking Jonah Hex out of the Wild West worked better than it should have.

4 out of 5

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  1. This very Mad Max inspired version of Hex really worked. The fish out of water story is perfectly captured using the old west gun slinger Hex! A big fan of this book! Looking forward to reading more!



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