Issue by Issue – Micronauts #32

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Pat Broderick
Inker – Dan Bulanadi
Colours – Don Warfield
Letters – Jean Simek

After the events of the last few issues, the Micronauts now find themselves in Subzero Zone, another extreme change of climate for the heroes as they search for the sigils needed to locate the Enigma Force. Drawn by Pat Broderick with words by Bill Mantlo, they introduce a new character called Prince Peacock who searches for the elusive Snowbear and while it seems like a normal hunt for food, it is anything but. Both Peacock and the Micronauts soon meet which readers knew would have to happen and they learn of the hardships that have been plaguing Polaria. Such is the reason why Peacock has been hunting the Snowbear as legends state that with its death, despite it being a venerated being, it will save Polaria though its slayer will lose that which it holds most dear. Prince Peacock is willing to give his life if it means saving his people and losing the love of Queen Fria. Mantlo fills the book with a sense of desperation and gravitas, a seriousness that lends itself well to the tale and really grabs the reader. While Prince Peacock’s name is somewhat strange given his locale and perhaps the only misstep in this entire issue, all of it feels somewhat epic in scope and one cannot help but be swept away by the events as they unfold. As for the Micronauts, they continue to have a traitor in their midst in the form of Prince Pharoid from the desert kingdom, but it seems with every act of heroism and self-sacrifice perpetrated by the companions, he seems to be just a little less sure of himself. Whether that leads to the man redeeming himself when it all pans out remains to be seen, but it too gives more to the story than not. With action and drama galore, Mantlo and Broderick also continue to factor Doctor Strange into the story with the man trying to ascertain the origin of the obelisk shown in a previous issue. To that effect he discovers that he must pass through the Spacewall if he is to go any further and with that, readers know that it is only a matter of time before he and the Micronauts come together. A great issue in a series full of them.

4 out of 5

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