Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #11

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Keith Giffen
Inker – John Celardo
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Ben Oda

It has been a long time in the coming, but Claw has Castle Darkmorn in his sights and within that keep, King Occulas whom he means to have more than a word with. As it always seems to happen with Claw though, the man is beset upon by attackers who mean to stop him before he can ever reach his goal, but this time, with it just in sight, Claw will not be dissuaded. Written by ongoing scribe David Michelinie and drawn by the incredible Keith Giffen, they mean to wrap up their hero’s quest and they do so not quite as one would expect. It begins when Claw finally reaches the castle, which Miftung has cast a spell upon to make it rise into the sky – a last desperate hope for Occulas who does not wish to face Claw one-on-one. Suffice it to say, Occulas’ hopes do not come true for Claw does indeed make his way into the castle and once there, he meets the man he has come to kill. From this point on, things do not go as planned though, in the end, Occulas does indeed meet his final fate, as does Miftung who ends up aiding Claw and saving his life. If there was one problem with all of it, it was simply the fact that it was too short. There were not enough pages in the book, not enough devoted to the main battle and far too many allocated to the trip along the way. It did not necessarily hamper anything as Michelinie and Giffen were able to finish the story the way they wanted to, at least one would have to assume, but it would have been nice to see just a bit more, to have it feel far more epic than it did and to create that lasting impact one wants from a story such as this. Altogether, it was good, but it could have been better, though it was nice to finally see this particular story come to an end.

3.5 out of 5

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