Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #99

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Bob Hall
Inker – Kevin Dzuban
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Rick Parker

In the second-to-last issue of Marvel Two-In-One, Bill Mantlo and Bob Hall take the reins and team The Thing up with everyone’s favourite cyborg, Rom. It begins on a stormy night that finds Benjamin J. Grimm a little jumpy and when the lights go out, he decides to head out and find if he can get them back on when all of a sudden, Rom comes crashing down through the rooftop’s hanger door. Rom seems lifeless and so with a little help from Ben, he is soon brought back to full awareness and with that, he relates the story of how he came to be here and of the Wraith witches located in Central Park who are trying to raise the Firefall armour from the dead, one which now houses the living flame of Galador. So it is that Mantlo sets the stage for a team-up of titanic proportions, one fused with equal parts horror and action. That soon leads the duo back to where it all began and they are promptly attacked by Firefall. Rom takes on the armour, for he would have the best chance at defeating that portion of his homeworld that lies within it. As for The Thing, he delves deeper into the park where he comes into contact with the witches and the nightmares they wield at their command. Thanks to his Neutralizer, Rom ends the threat of Firefall but in the precious time he took to do that, the Wraiths took command of The Thing who must now battle his friend. Once again the Neutralizer comes into play after a bit of a tussle and it reverts Ben back into his human form and with the spell broken, they take the fight to the Wraiths, defeating them quite soundly. Hall’s pencils are excellent and he packs the book with some truly amazing visuals for the reader to pour over, which coupled with Mantlo’s story makes for one of the better issues in the collective run of the title. The entire affair leaves off on a bit of drama that looks like it might find Ben in his human form permanently, something he does not want at this time as Alicia loves him as he is, but he soon reverts back to his rocky persona and all is well that ends well.

5 out of 5

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