Issue by Issue – Blitzkrieg #5

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Lee Elias, Ric Estrada

Beneath a striking cover by Joe Kubert lies a story by Robert Kanigher and Lee Elias that follows in the vein of those that came before it and it is easy to see why this title was cancelled with this issue. The problem thus far with all of the leading stories is the fact that they are not as compelling as they could be. Yes, they are told from the viewpoint of the enemy and in this case, it is the Germans, but instead of just telling a tale with good characterization and a plot that people can follow, Kanigher instead presents his audience with small scenes, snapshots of various events that he connects up into a loose narrative. Some are good and some are mediocre, but one never gets the chance to become invested with anything or anybody because it is soon over before it really gets going. What is present are three characters named Franz, Hugo and Ludwig and it is they that the reader follows throughout the book, where most of the stories flit from one thing to the next, usually dealing with some form of resistance, whether the French or the Americans or whoever, a little fighting, an execution or two and before one knows it, it is all over. Such is the case here as well as the lead tale finds the three Nazis under attack by French resistance and then not too long after, the Americans. Some paratroopers get caught in the trees and are then killed by flamethrower while a bridge held by the Americans needs to be destroyed. It all leaves off with the three Germans having lunch while D-Day unknowingly sneaks up on them. A final story called The Devil Waits about the Goths finds a barbarian undergoing a trial so that he might lead his people and it is far more interesting in its few pages than the lead was in its entirety. As a whole, the series was entertaining and it began stronger than it ended, but it would have been nice to see Kanigher take full advantage of the series to showcase something people could grab onto, more than what was given. This was a decent issue in a decent series but definitely not as good as DC’s other war efforts.

3 out of 5

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