Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #96

Writer – Tom DeFalco
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Mike Esposito
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

As evidenced by the cover of this issue, The Thing flies solo – in a sense that is because there is not just one guest star, but many. That also pertains to the big bad of the story for just like the heroes, there is not simply one villain, but a gaggle of them who want to take advantage of Ben’s current weakened condition. For those that follow the title, they will know that The Thing had recently taken part in a boxing match with an Elder of the Universe named The Champion and knowing Ben Grimm, whether from his adventures here or over in the Fantastic Four, the man never lays down in a fight. So it was that Ben would take a beating worse than anything he had ever experienced before which leads him to his current position sitting in a hospital bed and recuperating. Tom DeFalco writes this tale and he peppers it with quite a bit of humour, not to mention more heroes and villains than most books would contain over multiple storylines. So it is that Ben receives a lot of visitors looking to wish him a speedy recovery and while they do that, others begin to plot and attack. The book puts a different spin on the battles that take place within though as it is every other hero who appears that does the fighting, The Thing never lifting a finger even once and that in itself is humorous. With thanks to Ron Wilson, the man’s artwork is packed full of action nearly from the first to the last with only brief moments where the book cuts back to Ben and him having a hard time relaxing. After all is said and done with The Thing being none the wiser, the book ends on a fond note, one which mirrors a previous issue where Ben and the Sandman close it out having a beer and enjoying each other’s company. While all of it may not have equalled out to be the best book in the series, it was a decent issue that ended stronger than it began.

3 out of 5

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