Issue by Issue – Blitzkrieg #4

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Sam Glanzman
Artist – Ric Estrada, Sam Glanzman

The fourth issue of Blitzkrieg takes the German soldiers that Robert Kanigher, Ric Estrada and readers have been following to Paris and while it all seems idyllic, things could not be more different. It begins with the murder of an S.S. officer, something that the French resistance had to know would not go without some form of retaliation and which takes place almost immediately. So it follows for the rest of the story and out of all the books thus far in this series, this story is perhaps the weakest one yet, not that it is all that bad. All of it chronicles the back and forth between the Nazis and the French people who now find themselves subjugated beneath the German army. While it is a little repetitive and the plot being paper-thin, by the end of the story, one will see the resilience of the human spirit and the overinflated ego of the Germans who think they can crush anything in their path. The second tale by the same creative team finds the Germans in Cairo, beating back any resistance they discover in their path. Along the way, a soldier by the name of Wasser is looking for souvenirs among the dead to send back to his wife but finds little of note. Further down the trail, they encounter more enemy combatants whom they make short work of and when Wasser is ransacking the fortress, looking for that perfect gift, he finds more than he bargained for in the form of a live grenade. Finally, in a back-up by Sam Glanzman, he takes a look at the Chance Vought F40-1A Corsair, a plane also known as the Whistling Death. Altogether, this was a decent issue, but it could have been much stronger than it was as Kanigher almost seems to be struggling with ideas on what to present readers with. The stories were told well and Estrada’s artwork was definitely on point, but as a whole, the book was just not as enjoyable as previous ones in the series.

3 out of 5

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