Issue by Issue – Blitzkrieg #3

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Ric Estrada

Robert Kanigher and Ric Estrada give readers a look at the three German soldiers who appeared in the previous two issues and it finds them on the beaches of Normandy under the command of Field Marshal Rommel who wants the beaches shored up far more than they are. One can never tell what would happen if the Allies were to land and that is just what happens, though it is only a reconnaissance group, not knowing just what it is they have wandered into. Suffice it to say, the Germans make short work of the Allied soldiers. It is not soon after when the Germans reach a small town and notice the S.S. have been there just before them and killed numerous paratroopers and when after a little downtime, they find themselves under attack. Once again, the Germans overpower the Allies who happen to be Americans and the Geneva Convention be damned, they are executed after which one German exclaims the actions to be wrong. While this first tale is not the most exciting or interesting piece that has appeared thus far, it is still a good read, if a little depressing. Allan Asherman presents an article entitled Do The Nazis Still Live (In Fact and In Principle) which is both well-written and somewhat sad before the book moves into a second story by the creative team of the first. It details the Germans taking the fight to the Russians and it is not soldiers that they do battle with, but a group of partisans. After defeating them, for the German military machine is mighty indeed, they roll up to the local village and punish them further by hanging a number of them for harbouring those that would stand against the Reich. As they begin to pull out, they are attacked again, this time by children and it shows both that the Germans could be monsters and that the fight for freedom is everyone’s battle. While Kanigher and Estrada do a good job at chronicling the horrors of war, longer more in-depth stories would be more preferable over these small snapshots they have been delivering up to this point.

3.5 out of 5

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