Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #95

Writer – David Anthony Kraft
Artist – Alan Kupperberg
Inker – Jon D’Agostino
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Diana Albers

Alicia Masters, the erstwhile girlfriend of The Thing, has received a mysterious package to which she decides to open and while Ben warns her not to, it comes too late. Inside is an Egyptian helmet which transforms her into the Bride of Nephrus, after which she attacks The Thing and leaves for parts unknown. The book opens on this fantastic moment courtesy of David Anthony Kraft and Alan Kupperberg and they continue onwards with that as Ben is determined to track down the woman he loves which leads him to a museum and then on to Egypt where more than just Alica awaits. It soon focuses upon this issue’s guest star which is none other than N’Kantu, The Living Mummy and delves into his origin for a touch and where he finds himself now. By chance he spies a small caravan where he thinks he sees the man who cursed him, none other than Nephrus himself and by his side, though he knows it not, Alicia. It is not long after this that the action picks up as Nephrus is soon returned to the Earth in the body of his ancestor who thought he could claim the power Nephrus wielded and the Thing touches down in Egypt where he is promptly attacked. Readers can probably guess where this story is headed and they would be right as Ben and Nephrus meet in battle with The Living Mummy also getting himself mixed into the fray. For his sake, N’Kantu wants the curse removed so that he might finally get to rest, for being alive the last three thousand years has not been ideal. The battle is brutal and when it is all said and done, the bad guy is defeated and Alicia is returned to normal, though her skimpy costume remains for the moment. As for N’Kantu, he remains a living mummy, cursed to continue living a torturous existence while Ben and Alicia enjoy a little of Egypt before heading home. Altogether a fast, fun-filled issue that showcases all of the best aspects the series has to offer.

4 out of 5

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