Issue by Issue – Blitzkrieg #2

Writer – Bob Kanigher, Sam Glanzman
Artist – Ric Estrada, Sam Glanzman

The book opens with a lead story by Bob Kanigher and Ric Estrada once again, one that sees the Germans still in Warsaw and rounding up those of Jewish background into what would become known as the Warsaw Ghetto. While the story takes place primarily from the viewpoint of the Germans, most of whom think the Jews are unfit to live and that the task before them is unworthy for soldiers such as they, Kanigher still manages to bring it around to feature those within the Ghetto and the measures they take to try and escape the prison the Germans have made of their city. In an article by Allan Asherman, he relates the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto, of just how cruel and brutal the conditions were before the book moves into its second half with another tale of The Huns. The story consists of the Huns moving through their territory while claiming more along the way and demanding tribute from those before them. They come across a camp made up of nomads who do not know of Attila nor of the tribute that he demands and so the Huns make an example of their leader and impose sanctions upon them until they return to collect that which is owed. Despite their fearsome reputation, not everyone will lay down for the Huns and the nomads are one people who will take the fight to them. The book closes out with Sam Glanzman taking a look at the Panther, a tank that was a destructive force sent to the Eastern front. Overall the second issue of Blitzkrieg was yet again a good read, but also much like that first book, a very sombre one. The horrors of war are just that and they continue to resonate no matter how many years might pass and with talents like Kanigher and Estrada at the helm, they serve as a reminder of just how terrible things used to be, no matter the viewpoint the story takes.

4 out of 5

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