Issue by Issue – Blitzkrieg #1

Writer – Bob Kanigher, Sam Glanzman
Artist – Ric Estrada, Sam Glanzman

Blitzkrieg is an unusual war comic from DC that would premiere in 1976 as it featured stories of the enemy, meaning the Germans which was quite different from others at the time like Sgt. Rock and so forth. There are two stories within and both from the same creative team of Bob Kanigher and Ric Estrada, the first detailing the invasion of what one has to assume is Warsaw by the German army. While it all seems fairly straightforward with the Nazis just doing their ‘job,’ it is still slightly shocking seeing them kill civilians, despite the fact that to the Germans, said people could have been disguised and a threat to the soldiers. The objective is subjugation and as the story proceeds, more importantly to shut down the local radio station that is broadcasting hope across the city. Eventually, they do so and Kanigher manages to leave it on an ending that one can call both happy and incredibly sad. A second tale delves further into the past with a look at the Huns during the time of Attila, specifically at one young boy who longs to be just like the man. He is hopeful that one day he will own a sword just like Attila’s and be as great a swordsman as he, as feared and respected as the leader of the Huns. To that end, Attila gives the boy a chance, but in the end, the boy is just a boy and not ready for the rigours of war, thus losing his life without a second thought from Attila. Finally, Sam Glanzman gives the reader a look at Germany’s DO-335A fighter plane, codenamed the Anteater, a failed project that never got off the ground due to politics. Altogether, the first issue of Blitzkrieg was a solid book, if not a strange one as there were no heroes to root for thus making it a bit of a stark read. It was still interesting as there are many facets to every war, many of them still unexplored, but perhaps something a little more in-depth from the point of view of the soldiers and not just the enemy as it might have made it just a bit stronger. Still, for all that it was, it makes for a good first outing and provides a nice alternative against the other war titles that featured the good guys always winning out in the end.

3.5 out of 5

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