Nothing Here to Make You… – Scream (1981)

As far as slashers go, Scream which was released in 1981 and which is also known as The Outing, is about as exciting as watching moss grow.

There is little to recommend this film as everything about it is fairly poor in nature. The acting is not all that great and yet neither is the script and while the story is serviceable and could have worked given some care, the fact that there is almost no blood or gore and one never sees the killer makes it essentially, a waste of time. When it comes to movies such as this, blood and violence and people getting cut down by some crazed maniac is a must. This film features little of that and thus little suspense and nothing that will frighten anyone.

It all takes place in a ghost town and a group of tourists eventually start to die off, being killed by who knows what and when it is finally revealed, if indeed one can call it a revelation, it turns out it was probably a ghost. Suffice it to say, the payoff to this picture was not worth the effort it took to get to the end.

Overlong and not really being much of what it purports to be, much less featuring any horror, Scream is definitely one to skip.

0.5 out of 5

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