A One-Way Trip – Night Train to Terror (1985)

Night Train to Terror is a film made up of three vignettes framed by a conversation between God and the Devil and the occasional clip of a rock band playing music and filming a video all aboard a train headed to who knows where. God and Satan have come together to pass judgment upon certain people, on where they are going to ultimately end up and those conversations are far more interesting than at least two of the segments within.

The first story deals with a man named Harry Billings who lures innocent young women who end up in various states of undress, to their deaths after he himself was kidnapped and hypnotized to do so. Said women are used for the harvesting of organs, though those who actually do the operations seem to be having far too good a time in doing so.

The second tale involves a boorish young woman named Gretta Connors who gets picked up at a carnival by an older man, turned into a porn star, meets a younger man who falls in love with her after watching one of her movies and who ultimately ends up in a club that courts death at every chance.

The third and final act of the film is about a man who seems to be the Anti-Christ or at the very least a demon in human form and is such a mess that it is difficult to understand what is going on except for the fact that some people are out to kill him.

As for the rock band in the movie who are hilariously bad though the song is somewhat catchy, they are the ‘fourth’ group of people that are being judged and by the time the train has reached its destination, they will either end up in heaven or hell, Satan, of course, wanting them for his very own.

Not surprisingly, the three stories showcased within were simply edited-down movies that were previously released, all credited to various people who had a hand in this one like writer Phillip Yordan among them. Said films were Scream Your Head Off which was never finished or released and which happened to be the best of the bunch featuring copious amounts of blood and gore and craziness, Death Wish Club and Cataclysm. The only thing new in this picture was the band and the framing conversation and again, the talk was better than anything else as Ferdy Mayne who played God and Tony Giorgio who starred as Satan at least had some chemistry between them which made their debating interesting.

All in all, as poor as the movie happened to be during various moments, it provided a lot of entertainment and one cannot say that it lacked for imagination or one’s attention.

3 out of 5

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