Home Sweet Home – Witchtrap (1989)

Kevin S. Tenney, the man who brought Witchboard to the masses decided to stick with the theme and deliver Witchtrap upon an unsuspecting public. It sees a man inherit a house, one that is haunted and when he can no longer ignore it, he calls in some paranormal investigators and a couple of cops for security. Suffice it to say, things go about as one would expect with a few deaths here and there from the main baddie who is a ghost that decides to go on a tear and rid his house of those that intrude, a little nudity courtesy of Linnea Quigley and enough bad acting to fill a catalogue of Tenney films.

Ultimately, the film is as hokey as one can imagine due to a combination of factors, the aforementioned ability put forth by those that star within being one of the main aspects that glaringly makes itself known. Another is the dialogue which is simply put, not as good as one might expect and combined with the those that deliver it, makes the film incredibly hard to watch at times. What did manage to be somewhat decent were the special effects, at least in certain cases such as the ghost of Uncle Avery for one, or when a pair of hands came out of a door to kill a woman with a hatchet. As for those that would die in the movie, their deaths were unimaginative and lacking in excitement, the audience having seen it all before or at least something akin to it in dozens of films, but deaths there were which at least kept things moving along. The nudity was unneeded, but par for the course given the decade and type of picture this turned out to be and if there was a draw to this film, it was Quigley more than anyone else who of course, died without any clothes on.

What is fair to say is that no matter how terrible this film gets, how badly it is acted or the extreme tameness of it all, there is some intrinsic entertainment present, like watching a train go off the rails despite knowing the tragedy that could entail and in this case, the time spent watching this movie. Witchtrap is definitely one of those cases of ‘so bad, it’s good’ – an awful film, but when all is said and done, still a fun watch.

1.5 out of 5

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