A Weekend at the Lake, A Little Murder… – Terror at Tenkiller (1986)

Terror at Tenkiller
is a low-budget slasher, slow-moving and a little ponderous as the time between kills seems interminable. While it is not exciting or scary in the least, it does have a certain kind of charm about it though as it essentially paints a few days in the lives of the two girls who star, namely Stacey Logan and Michelle Merchant. While they do a decent job with the material they are given, one cannot help but be a little bored with it all, though director Ken Meyer does manage to throw in a few unnerving moments.

All of this takes place at Lake Tenkiller where Janna is adamant at showing her friend Leslie a good time, mainly to take her mind off of her abusive boyfriend. The girls go swimming and boating and meet all kinds of characters while there and all the while that this is going on, bodies start to drop. Soon enough, Janna is killed and discovered by Leslie who blames one person while it turns out to be another and from there the film finally picks up finishing stronger than when it began.

Despite the lack of budget and some of the special effects looking a little silly, like the moment Preacher’s arm gets cut off, those scenes where the killer does what he does are still somewhat graphic in nature. While it would definitely not win any awards, the film still somehow manages to hold the viewers attention no matter how much it eventually drags on. Whether it is just to see if the movie improves or if the girls are going to get killed in the end, once a person starts watching, there is just enough there that makes it is hard to quit.

While there are some fantastic slashers out in the world and some that are quite bad, Terror at Tenkiller sits somewhere solidly in the middle.

2.5 out of 5

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