Any Theatre is Better – Blood Theatre (1984)

For one of the worst slashers to ever make its way onto celluloid, look no further than Blood Theatre, also known as Movie House Massacre. From its first minute to its last, the movie tries its very best to enchant the audience and one has to think that at some point it would. For some, that might come with the minute bit of nudity present or the fake movies that play inside of the theatre where the film is set, but even all of that cannot save it from just being an exercise in wasted time.

A bit of this movie is meant to be funny, though which part remains unknown as it is so completely lacking in humour though on the bright side, there is a bit of blood here and there for those that manage to stick it out for more than twenty minutes. The acting is abominable, the writing bad and the story more than a little convoluted. Is it a slasher? Sure, people get stabbed and killed and whatnot, but it is all such a mess that runs on for so long that it is hard not to tune out and do something else, completely forgetting that the movie is even on in the first place.

The time one spends on this can never be regained. Skip it and hopefully if enough people do, no one will ever remember it having been made.

0.5 out of 5

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