Have a… – Bloody New Year (1987)

Bloody New Year is a British horror film that finds a group of friends stuck on an island where the local hotel is celebrating the New Year, despite it not being Christmas, the New Year or anything close to it. It seems the hotel is haunted by ghouls and ghosts and zombies and such and getting out is going to be far harder than it was getting in.

While the premise is good, the execution was somewhat lacking as the film is overlong and more than boring. Not for lack of trying, the actors and actresses could not make the material very interesting despite what should have been a sure-fire success. Part of what made this fail would be the special effects which were not quite as good as one might have expected, though some of the makeup would turn out to be pretty decent. Overall, the fault would have to lie at the feet of the writer and director, that being Norman J. Warren and Frazer Pearce respectively. There was little tension and almost no suspense as there would be little build-up once the various players arrived at the hotel. For what it was, the film looked great overall, but there was simply not enough meat on the bones for the audience to care about the characters or anything that was happening on the screen.

There is a little bit of horror present, the use of mirrors being effective more than anything, but most of it failed to elicit any fright or scares and that was a bit of a shame, especially given that it was indeed supposed to be a horror film. Overall, a good effort by everyone involved, but a movie that one would never miss if never given a chance to see it.

2 out of 5

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