Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #8

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Keith Giffen, Ricardo Villagran
Inker – Oscar Novelle
Colours – Liz Berube

The first thing readers will notice when opening this book is the change in artists, meaning no Ernie Chan and instead Keith Giffen, Ricardo Villagran and Oscar Novelle coming on board to chronicle Claw’s adventures. It is a bit jarring to see, especially as Chan gave the book its look and feel, but given this particular story’s contents, it almost makes sense in a way to change it up. That being said, they do not hold a candle to Chan, but they do a good job of it as Claw finds himself in another dimension where he realizes the final part of his quest lies in front of him. More succinctly, the Grimstone has brought Claw to where Moonthorn resides, the silver sword needed to kill N’Hglthss. There are some obstacles that lie in his way though, the first being the terrain which is strange and unlike anything he has ever seen before and the second being the sword’s guardian Mahan K’Handa. It is here that David Michelinie takes a pause and goes through the villain’s origins which admittedly is interesting, but unnecessary, especially at this part of the story as Claw is so near to his end-goal. So it is that Claw listens to the tale, where K’Handa essentially tells the hero that he is invincible before setting some demons upon him.  Claw though has a little something up his sleeve, or glove as it were and his demon hand makes short work of the creatures before setting his sights on K’Handa. It is a good thing that Claw different from most men because the man is definitely not enough on his own and the hand he sports seeks out the monster’s weakness, ending the threat K’Handa represents far easier than one would expect. Moonthorn now belongs to Claw and the book ends with on a cliff-hanger with Michelinie promising an encounter with N’Hglthss where one can easily guess as to how it will go. While the artwork did not live up to what the book had previously featured, this still ended up being an entertaining chapter blending both a bit of science-fiction and fantasy, separating itself from most sword and sorcery titles.

3.5 out of 5

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