Four Colour Thoughts – Strikeforce #1

The Creators – Tini Howard – Writer, German Peralta – Artist, Jordie Bellaire – Colours, Joe Sabino – Letters

The Players – Blade, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, Winter Soldier, Angela, Spectrum, Daimon Hellstrom, the Avengers

The Story – A group of heroes get caught after doing something illegal and swear they were framed for it.

The Take – For a book that is supposed to be a horror title, there is very little horror present. That is not to say that every horror comic or movie or whatever medium it is, must feature the usual tropes and in Tini Howard’s afterward to the issue, she states the horror present is about not knowing who to trust and that can be scary. It can obviously lead to immediate mistrust about those one surrounds oneself with, not to mention eventual distrust, paranoia and more. That is in a sense frightening and gives it an overall Invasion of the Body Snatchers/Secret Invasion feel about it. The one slight problem with it all is that while the threat of where this comes from is explained within the book, it has not quite come across yet as well as it should, nor does it make much of an impact because of it. For the most part, this ends up being just standard superhero fare and in that respect; it is not all that bad. The cast is a good one, varied and quite interesting given their backgrounds and what each one brings to the table. With a couple of mystical types, former Avengers and an angel among them, all the bases for almost any eventuality is covered and with what Howard reveals, they make a great team when action is finally called for. Blade takes the lead of this intrepid group of heroes and it is good to see the man getting some more of the spotlight of late, including Aaron’s Avengers title, and the villains spinning out of the recent War of the Realms event. Even Daimon Hellstrom makes and appearance and while something of note does indeed happen to the character, readers know that it cannot be a lasting thing as the man has a television show coming to Hulu, not to mention playing a part in Aaron’s aforementioned Avengers book at the moment. Altogether, this was a decent start that probably looks to draw readers in from other recent books in Marvel’s current catalogue, but it should have been stronger and made much more of an impact than it did as nothing really draws the reader in other than the cast that inhabits the title.

Worth It? – Yes, but mostly for the players..

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  1. I love the character of Angela from the Spawn series but did Marvel allow her to keep her power set? I would think they would have to de-power her a bit as she is an true angel,at least in the Spawn book and she was extremely powerful. But knowing Marvel,they probably ret-conned her origin…..

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    • Long story short, she is now a part of the Norse cannon, daughter of Odin who had an affair one day and thus a child was born. They retconned a tiny bit – her powers are essentially the same, but she comes from the Heven – the tenth realm connected to Yggdrasill, the World Tree. It’s a long story, but a good one and I think she is a far more interesting character now than she ever was before. Also, it was all approved by Gaiman who sold the character to Marvel.

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