Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #7

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Ernie Chan

When readers first open this book, they find Claw and Ghilkyn under attack by what looks to be seaweed. As it is, they are fighting for their lives and it is only thanks to some last minute thinking by Claw that the two survive. Still, their boat is on fire and just when all looks to be doomed, they are rescued by some kind people called the Heshahnoy who live in a city beneath the waves, a city kept free of water thanks to the final piece of what the two companions seek – the Grimstone. Written once again by David Michelinie with pencils from the ever-amazing Ernie Chan, the book looks incredible and the city from which Trefalion, the ship’s captain, hails is a wonder to behold. While the two heroes make their case to Trefalion and the citizens of the this impossible city, of how they aim to save an entire world, it does nothing as the Heshahnoy have no need or want with the outside world, forswearing violence long ago after having had incurred great losses many years previous. In Claw’s mind, he knows what he needs to do and he means to take the stone permission or not, but Ghilkyn will stop him if need be and it is only thanks to the intervention of a little girl that the two never come to blows. All of that is put behind them though when a giant mud creature breaks in through the seawall to attack them and that changes everything for the Heshahnoy who give the stone up in the end, dooming their entire race to death. Michelinie writes a fantastic story, one full of adventure and excitement, scheming and tragedy. Despite only taking place on a single page, the sacrifice by the Heshahnoy is immediately felt, a testament to Michelinie’s abilities, but it wraps the tale up nicely, setting the stage for Claw to find the sword called Moonthorn. Also sprinkled throughout the book are the machinations of King Occulas and his pet wizard who set all of the threats seen within against the heroes. Occulas is obsessed with stopping Claw and he means to do so by any means, though with every monster and villain being defeated thus far, it remains to be seen just what it is that Occulas can do to stop the man. At the end of the day this was a great issue, one of the best so far and it will be interesting to see just where it goes from here.

4 out of 5

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