Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #6

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Ernie Chan

David Michelinie and Ernie Chan take Claw and Ghilkyn to a land of eternal twilight, a village by the name of Dhylka-Ryn which is ruled over by magician who holds the next piece of the Grimstone. Arriving there is easier said than done as the creators of this book throw a bit of hardship in the hero’s way in the form of some ruffians, but they are dispatched quickly and a girl rescued which is how they learn of the Grimstone and what lies ahead. Claw for one seems to be a little tired of the quest already, abrupt with people and has no time for anything other than that which he is focused upon. Thanks to the woman named Pfylahna, they are able to get into the village and close to where the villain Kurah Shan lives. More obstacles remain though and they appear as grotesque monsters and no matter how much Claw and Ghilkyn slice through them, they come upon them in ever-increasing numbers. Thankfully they push through and after dealing with Pfylahna’s abusive father, they arrive at the castle made of light where the wizard abides. Again they are attacked and Ernie Chan makes it look incredible as the two heroes cut the monsters down around them, but it all seems for naught as they get bigger and badder and it is not long before they recognise them for what they are – fears come to life. So it is that Ghilkyn who relies more on his brains than his brawn, tells his comrade that if they were to conquer whatever fear they have inside of them, they will defeat these monsters as if they never were and that is exactly what happens. While it has been seen sporadically throughout the series up until this point, Michelinie creates a scenario where Claw must use that which he was named after and it is impressive indeed, showing readers something they have never seen before with the character and adding yet another piece to the puzzle that is Claw the Unconquered. Eventually the wizard is defeated and the Grimstone piece claimed, the village freed and a little satisfaction had by Claw before all is said and done. With Chan’s pencils looking as great as always and Michelinie crafting a fun story, the book is in good hands, making readers want to come back for more.

4 out of 5

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