Four Colour Thoughts – Gotham City Monsters #1

The Creators – Steve Orlando – Writer, Amancay Nahuelpan – Artist, Trish Mulvihill – Colours, Tom Napolitano – Letters

The Players – Frankenstein, Killer Croc, Andrew Bennett (Vampire By Night), Orca, Lady Clay

The Story – An evil is being summoned to Gotham and whether they know it or not, only a fantastic crew of monsters will be able to stop it.

The Take – The Batman universe continues to give forth with endless miniseries and titles featuring its various characters, the latest being Gotham City Monsters featuring a motley group who are not the usual creatures or villains one would expect out of a title like this. While it does not specifically spin out of Night of the Monster Men which was also written by Steve Orlando, it does return to the scene of the crime so to speak and it finds Monster Town thriving now that Bane is in charge of the city – that thanks to writer Tom King. Despite feeling somewhat familiar, much like most titles that find villains or monsters teaming up together, it still feels somewhat fresh thanks to Orlando making each character’s voice seem authentic, each one sounding as they should and the monsters themselves, most not known for teaming up with others. It is always good seeing Frankenstein make a return to the printed page, the man being sorely missed ever since his solo title was cancelled years ago and him no longer being in Justice League Dark. Andrew Bennett is a nice addition to the cast and it should provide some good tension between himself and Frankenstein, what with Frank cutting Bennett in half during the latter half of the issue. Orlando does a great job of introducing each character, most of the book focusing on that and introducing the threat which will bring them all together. In the case of Orca and Lady Clay, they are given only a short moment to shine, a mere glance at those who may play a larger part in what is to come. Killer Croc is an interesting figure, now that he is free of the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller and it seems that he might want to turn over a new leaf, though if he goes the way of Clayface or reverts to his more villainous ways remains to be seen as of this point. As far as the artwork goes, Amancay Nahuelpan does an incredible job of making it all come alive, definitely giving it a great horror vibe, but not quite as dark as it could or should be. There is a bit of action and the threat which is revealed upon the final page does promise more to come, so it should be a fun series as it moves along.

Worth It? – Yes

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