Caturday, Caturday… – Strays (1991)

Despite what could have been a very promising movie, Strays never really lives up to that promise and instead serves up a mild thriller about a family that moves into a new house where a feral cat has staked it as his own.

Starring Kathleen Quinlan and Timothy Busfield, this made for television film does manage to hold the viewer’s interest as the suspense slowly builds throughout and it is never a bore much to its credit. But as it looks like a horror film and seems to have been marketed as such, it features very little, whether visceral in nature or otherwise. Sure, the cats kill the old lady in the beginning along with Claudia Christian a bit later on and the cast takes a few scratches here and there, but altogether, the payoff was not really worth the journey. One almost expected a mountain lion or a tiger or some such to be the monster at the end of it all, something worthy of the viewer’s anticipation and yet it never managed to pan out to anything other than a regular old tom-cat who was a little protective of its territory.

Quinlan was great as she almost always is and Busfield was serviceable if somewhat annoying, his character being a husband who is coincidentally allergic to cats and thus almost making him somewhat prophetic in nature because of it. Christian was good for the short time she was on the screen and it would not have been a bad thing if she had been given a larger part.

Overall, Strays which was written by the one and only Shaun Cassidy and directed by John McPherson, would end up being enjoyable, but it is only worth a one-time watch and not any more than that.

2.5 out of 5

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