Issue by Issue – Micronauts #25

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Pat Broderick
Inker – Armando Gil
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Joe Rosen

In what might be the Micronauts greatest battle on Earth thus far, they face the combined might of Mentallo and the Fixer. True, they might be B villains when one thinks on it, but Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick make them seem formidable and due to the diminutive size of the Micronauts, they just might prove to be more than a match for them. Such as it is though, things do not always turn out as one might expect, especially where the Micronauts are concerned. Despite what some might call a disadvantage, the team has found themselves on the winning end of a number of disputes and so it goes with this one. What unfolds over a number of action-packed pages though, is something that Mantlo has been building to over the past few issues and not so much in the main story, but in the back-up tales – that being the return of Baron Karza. How does that apply to Mentallo and the Fixer exactly? One has to read the book to find out and as the villains take the fight to the heroes, the Micronauts fight back as best they are able. It is up to Commander Rann in the end though who is starting to discover that the powers he once had in his battle against Baron Karza are now returning. How could that be and why? It all begins when he reads Mentallo’s mind, Rann all of a sudden gaining stronger telepathic powers thanks to the re-emerging Enigma Force and the companions come to learn that somehow, Baron Karza must have survived. In the Tales of the Microverse back-up, Slug learns about the origins of Karza, of how he orchestrated the assassination of Dallan and Sepsis and of how it failed and he had to run for his life. It continues with the man finding himself in the desert and learning from the people there of some scrolls which he soon masters, creating a powerful armour and accomplishing that which he failed to do, the murder of Commander Rann’s parents and the beginning his rise to power. After this, Mantlo and Broderick return readers to Shaitan and Argon, the latter of which is made to sacrifice himself, hurling himself into the core of Homeworld where the consciousness of Karza resides and now provided with a new host body. It is the moment readers have been looking forward to and it is exciting to say the least. All that remains now is to see whether the Micronauts return home fast enough to stop him or if he will regain his kingdom once more.

4.5 out of 5

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