Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #4

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Ernie Chan
Inker – Pat Boyette

David Michelinie and Ernie Chan begin this tale of Claw the Unconquered much like they have the previous ones where the hero of this book is minding his own business and because of the bounty put on his head by King Occulas, finds himself come under attack. What happens next though is unexpected as another comes to his aid, one Ghilkyn who cares not for money, merely for the thrill of it and not liking what he is seeing thus wanting to even the odds a little. Fleeing the scene, Michelinie throws a conundrum in their way in the form of a woman about to be sacrificed and even worse, a demon who shows up, one called N’Hglthss. What is funny about this particular creature is that he is not fearsome in the least and one has to wonder just what it was that Chan was thinking when conjuring up this beast of a monster. Though what N’Hglthss leaves in his wake is frightening for it is only death, his appearance is tame to say the least and out of everything that has appeared in this title thus far, this has to be perhaps the only misstep. That being said, not all monsters or demons have to look the same and so it is that while N’Hglthss might not be so imposing, he is tough to beat and Claw, along with his new found partner Ghilkyn, are unable to kill the creature. To do so, Michelinie and Chan send Claw on a quest of which the first step begins in this issue and the gaining of advice from a person called The Burning Man. It is in the presence of this pitiful soul who was cursed by the gods for challenging them, that Claw is told of what he must do and for Claw, when it is all said and done, he thinks to himself that he is simply tired of it all. He no longer cares what happens to this world and should N’Hglthss destroy it, perhaps it would be for the best. It is definitely a fatalistic attitude to have, especially coming from the protagonist of the book, but when he sees his companion rush into battle with the demon, how can he do any less? So it is that Claw is moved by what he sees and heads into battle as well, knowing that at the moment, it is futile. The book leaves off on a promise of danger and excitement, Michelinie and Chan delivering strong on this issue and asking the reader to come back for more as Claw starts his quest in earnest and how can one not after reading this?

4 out of 5

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  1. I’ll leave the specifics to math whizzes, but given the perspective of that cover and the fact the giant has a hill coming up to his knee and is actually in FRONT of the sun, when it shows as that size in the sky, he must be at least a couple of thousand feet tall.

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