Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #88

Writer – David Kraft
Artist – Alan Kupperberg
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

After a lengthy run of books by Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson that featured The Thing’s relationship problems, Ben getting poisoned, helping Bill Foster overcome his disease, being shrunk down to microscopic size or simply listening to the problems of the Sandman, it was bound to happen at some point that the book would take a break from it all and present something a bit lighthearted. Thanks to writer David Kraft and artist Alan Kupperberg that comes in the form of the She-Hulk and a poorly named villain named The Negator, a bad guy that is very hard to take seriously despite the threat that he represents. How the man came up with this name or what his actual powers are, which seem to be none, is not explored in this book and it would not be surprising to discover that this would be the villain’s one and only appearance, or at least one can only hope. The plot revolves around The Negator wanting a pile of money in exchange for not blowing up Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb. Of course, the man has to be stopped and it is up to The Thing to do so. Problems arise as they always do whenever Ben Grimm is on the way to do something important and this time around it involves a plane crash, an old man and the She-Hulk whose current mood and personality is more than a little trying, at least where Ben is concerned. While this is not the carefree She-Hulk that would premiere years hence, it also does not seem like the ‘savage’ She-Hulk who would currently have a title of her own. Instead, it would be almost like a cross between the two, one where she has a temper that most would be wise to be aware of, but she also seems to be a little manic, wanting to take The Thing out on a date and perhaps even more than that. She is very insistent and out of everything in the book that Kraft puts forth, while it is a little weird, it is also quite humorous as it makes Ben highly uncomfortable, especially when he tells She-Hulk that he already has a girlfriend. As for the big bad who is not all that big, but sort of bad, he is stopped quite easily by the heroes and the threat to Los Angeles is averted. Again, hopefully this is the last that is ever seen of The Negator as some characters were simply not meant to exist.

3.5 out of 5

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