Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #87

Writer – Tom DeFalco
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – Christie Scheele
Letters – Rick Parker

For some, it might seem like The Thing is having a lousy day. For the The Thing, he is having a really lousy day. If there is one thing that he is tired of, it is helping Reed with his experiments as they almost always involve incredible boredom for Ben and more often than not, things tend to go wrong. Suffice it to say, that is exactly what happens once again and right before Reed and Johnny’s eyes as The Thing shrinks down into nothingness. Realising that they will need a little help; Ant-Man comes to the rescue, though it is not Henry Pym whom they would have liked, but Scott Lang. Beggars cannot be choosers though and so Lang agrees to do what he can, to try and rescue Ben Grimm from whatever predicament he finds himself in. As it is, Lang arrives on Microworld, a land of the fantastic with strange looking people and enemies who want to subjugate said people and more specifically their queen. Lang finds Ben almost immediately albeit meeting a little resistance along the way and discovers that while The Thing thinks everything is all right, it is in fact, not so. Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson return to the book once more and in doing so create a truly fun tale in the vein of Hulk’s adventures with Jarella or those of the Micronauts and it could not be any better. With the odds stacked against him, Lang needs to find The Thing and shock him out of his stupor before the worst can happen. Knowing DeFalco and Wilson at this point, the worst is what is to be expected, but as it is, with a little ingenuity, Lang does just that and it just so happens to be at the exact right time as Ben has found himself locked in battle in a gladiatorial arena and he is losing that very fight. Thanks to Lang, it is not long before Ben gains the winning hand and the two heroes take the fight to their captors who were hoping that The Thing would lose and trigger their plan to deal with the race of lizard men. DeFalco, at least for the moment, gives everyone a happy ending as The Thing makes the two peoples sign a peace agreement, but in the end, once he leaves as he tells Lang, they will most likely be at each other’s throats once again. Despite starting out a little poorly for the book’s hero, he gets to flex those muscles and be just that, thoughts of Reed’s experiments no longer on his mind. A great story with fantastic artwork make Marvel Two-In-One a continually good read.

4 out of 5

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