Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #86

Writer – Tom DeFalco
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Jim Novak

For the eighty-sixth issue of the series, The Thing and Sandman come together for an issue unlike any other in the series. Do they team up to battle a foe stronger than themselves? Does it come to blows when Ben discovers that Sandman is up to no good? Neither actually and what happens may sound strange, but all they do is talk and have a beer together. There are no fisticuffs, no villains aside from Sandman that is, no monsters, and no crises – no nothing. What does happen is Sandman pouring out his heart to The Thing about his life from when he was small through his teenage years, to his time as a gang member and up until the present which just sees him tired of it all. There comes a point when everyone needs a change and it could simply be something small or something life-altering and for Sandman it is the latter. For Ben, it is a little weird to discover this, but it is a nice change of pace as he gets a little tired of always beating down the bad guys when they show up. So it is that when is all said and done, this story by Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson finds Ben letting Sandman go on his way, a second chance at a normal life as it is, or at least as much as one he can make. Additionally this book sees a back-up tale make an appearance featuring the Impossible Man who comes back with not only his wife, but a gaggle of kids too. Readers can only imagine what is going to take place and they will not be disappointed as numerous shenanigans follow until finally, when he is good and ready and not because of anything that Ben has done, the Impossible Man and his clan leave for the Shi’ar Empire to their new home planet. Altogether this was a good book, different than most with a little bit of fun to cap it all off.

4 out of 5

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  1. This was an important issue in the Marvel Comics world as it marked Sandman’s turn as a straight up villain to becoming somewhat of a anti-hero,he later teamed up with Silver Sable and her band of high powered mercs and he even fought on the side of the angels once in a while. In Spider-Man 3,Sandman was potrayed in a much more sympathetic light as well.
    But due to the constant ret-conning at Marvel,I don’t know if they kept Sandman this way or reverted him back to full villain.
    This was one of my favorite Marvel issues

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