Issue by Issue – Claw the Unconquered #3

Writer – David Michelinie
Artist – Ernie Chan
Inker – Pat Boyette
Colours – Tatjana Wood

Claw is a man that likes to keep to himself and of late, whenever he has stopped to help those in need, it has only brought trouble of the most deadly kind. Still, when he sees a girl being attacked by lizard men, despite part of him wanting to simply leave and let her fend for herself, he knows that he cannot and so rushes in to save her. So it is that David Michelinie and Ernie Chan begin the latest issue of Claw the Unconquered and said rescue is accompanied by action of the very best kind as Claw makes short work of his foes. Even when his sword is wrenched from his grasp, he is not without a weapon for the moniker of Claw was not given to him just on a whim, but for a very valid reason. When all is said and done, it is discovered that the girl is a centaur and it surprises Claw at least for a moment, after which she tells him of her quest, that she was once fully human and transformed into what he sees before him at birth. Now she seeks a magical spear so that the wizard who had cast such a curse might change her back and for whatever reason, Claw agrees to go with her. Michelinie and Chan throw all sorts of perils at the two be it blood-sucking worms, the terrain or deadly magic and through it all, Claw overcomes. All is not as it seems though as from afar, King Occulus who sees Claw as a threat and his wizard Miftung are the ones who have set this all in motion and when Claw has accomplished that which he set out to do, he finds a very different Elathia than the one he had just left. She now seeks to end the life of Claw, for with his death she gains back that which she lost and she means to get it. Chan’s pencils are incredible as usual in this issue and as the two battle it out, the reader has to feel a little sorry for the centaur girl named Elathia for magic spear or not, it has to be known that she cannot prevail over Claw despite it looking so for the briefest of moments. Michelinie writes a fantastic tale and Claw does indeed come out on top in his final battle, but there is also a bit of tragedy concerning Elathia and despite her betrayal, one cannot help but feel bad for her on that final page of the book.

4 out of 5

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