Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #83

Writer – Tom DeFalco
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

After the stressful events of the last issue that saw The Thing dying from Virus X and mutating his features on top of it, being cured of it and reverting to normal should have made him feel better, but his cure came at the price of a friend. Bill Foster, also known as Giant Man, would have been able to use the same solution to fix the radiation poisoning his body, but due to an accident, there was only enough for one dose and now, Bill lies in a coma while Reed Richard tries his best to find something, anything to help. So it is that Reed has to tell Ben that even with all of his vaunted intelligence, he simply does not know enough about this particular field of study, but there is someone who can probably help, one Walter Langkowski from Canada. Written by Tom DeFalco and drawn by Ron Wilson, they send Ben Grimm to the Great White North where he discovers that Langkowski is on a retreat with Shaman, his former teammate from Alpha Flight of which Langkowski was the creature known as Sasquatch. It is there in the wilderness that Ben finally meets up with him and there that the two come to fisticuffs after a moment of confusion. It did not help that Walter decided to transform into Sasquatch simply to have a conversation, but so it goes and the battle between the two is on par with any had between The Thing and the Hulk. While this is taking place, DeFalco introduces a threat to the book in the form of Ranark, a Native American shaman from many years past, locked away in a cave and inadvertently freed by Shaman. Ranark is only too happy to be free, but when he discovers what the world of today is like, essentially decimated by mankind, he goes berserk and vows to rule it. There is nothing Shaman can do and while the two heroes battle below said cave where this took place, Ranark escapes. Wilson and DeFalco tell a thrilling tale and the book could not have been any better. Packed with exciting action and more drama than one could ask for, it finds Ben in a dark place, knowing that he might be the cause of his friends death no matter how unintentional. Bill Foster made that sacrifice willingly though and trying to tell The Thing that is like talking to a wall. The cliff-hanger the book is left on definitely begs readers to come back and with the story being so good, coming back for more is not even a question but a necessity.

4 out of 5

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