Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #80

Writer – Tom DeFalco
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

If there is one thing that Marvel excels at, it is the self-pitying monster, never mind the misunderstood ones. The Hulk, The Thing and yes, even Ghost Rider who stars in this book are just a few examples and in this story by Tom DeFalco, there is a lot of that going around, whether by Ben Grimm who almost comes close to injuring the woman he loves or Johnny Blaze who cannot control what his alter-ego does after he changes. That being said, the two make a great team and not simply because of the feelings they share. Ben for his part decides to get some alone time in so he can ponder his role in life and Alicia is sad to see him as such because he has nothing to feel bad about, nothing that should get him as down as he is. As for Blaze, the Ghost Rider is a demonic entity who finds himself in a bit of trouble while evading the law which comes to a head later on in the book after a stunt gone wrong when some punk kids decide to steal a car and Johnny ruins his favourite bike. The two men find a kinship with each other and when the law comes calling, Ben helps Blaze get away so that he might find a bit of peace in another town or at least until that moment when the Ghost Rider decides to come calling again. DeFalco writes a fun story despite the downer attitudes of the two heroes and Ron Wilson who draws it does a great job of it. What is slightly ridiculous about it all is the way DeFalco has Ghost Rider going on and exclaiming how he is from Hell and is a demon and the servant of Satan and so forth. He does it a lot, too much almost and it is quite silly at times making the book a little less serious than it would have been otherwise. As for Grimm, when it is all said and done, he realises that maybe he does not have it so bad what with a family, friends and of course, the love of his life – Alicia. What this story could have used was a good supernatural villain to take advantage of this issue’s guest star, but as it is, the book managed to be a page-turner and a decent time all around proving Ben can team with anyone and be a good read.

4 out of 5

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