Issue by Issue – Micronauts #19

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Pat Broderick
Inker – Armando Gil
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – John Costanza

After landing on the planet Earth and after burying Jasmine, most of the Micronauts would end up facing danger within a dollhouse while Bug, who wanted to be alone with his grief, would face a danger of his own. Landing in a puddle during his travels, Bug would soon discover that Earth was indeed where the Micronauts had landed and no sooner would that revelation be made, but a human would notice and capture him, a creature called Odd John. John is quite strange to say the least, the man being completely obsessed with insects of all kinds and during his study of them over the years; he would be ridiculed and driven into hiding, much like any mad scientist. He relates all of this to his new discovery and there is nothing that Bug can do about his current predicament, not that he does not try. The Micronauts receive a signal from Bug and they head out to find their friend but Bill Mantlo and artist Pat Broderick do not make it easy on the intrepid explorers as they also come into contact with Odd John who then takes more than a passing interest in them, fascinated that there are more creatures like his most recent acquisition. The Micronauts will not go down easily though and Odd John is soon on the defensive, that is until he releases his swarm, a mutated horde of insects led by a creature that bears more than a passing resemblance to Bug and one that carries his staff too. The battle is fierce and while some of them are put on the sidelines, Acroyear makes a valiant stand, though when all is said and done, it all seems for naught. Rann is taken hostage and pinned up like just another butterfly while the rest of the team fares no better. The book leaves off on a cliff-hanger with Odd John standing triumphant and then a final promise, one of help to come from an unexpected but appropriate source. In a sense, this was a good thing for Bug as it would take his mind off of Jasmine, the woman he loved and yet, it is unknown at this point if he will be able to transition back into his original form or if he will remain the monster he is now. One thing that is for sure is that without help, the Micronauts are as good as finished. A great story from Mantlo who continues to deliver the goods and some scintillating artwork from Broderick, a master of the craft makes this book as good as ever.

4 out of 5

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