Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #78

Writer – Tom DeFalco, David Michelinie
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

Much like a previous issue of Marvel Two-In-One, Ben Grimm just so happens to be watching television and sees a program with a creature that bears a similar likeness to himself. That gets him all riled up and so he decides to head out to Hollywood and see just what the producer of the show thinks putting out a product about Ben’s life without his permission. Also on set is Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man and while Ben vents to the maker of the show, he also thanks Simon for stabbing him in the back. Things take a bit of a turn going forward in the book as the producer is worried about what will happen if Ben comes back with a lawyer and Simon is worried that he might lose a friend out of this. Written by Tom DeFalco and David Michelinie and drawn by Ron Wilson, the book not only is a fun read, but it looks good and when the villain is revealed, it becomes even better. Said villain just so happens to be Xemnu the Titan, a strange choice of bad guy admittedly, but is one that changes things up in the book as The Thing does not usually tussle with too many monsters in the title. Xemnu for his part is trying to control the nation through his enhanced television cameras and though it momentarily works on Ben, he figures out what is happening and decides to take the fight to Xemnu. Wonder Man is another matter altogether though and he remains hypnotised by Xemnu’s machine and so before Ben can battle with the creature, he must fight his friend. When the end comes upon the reader, Simon has snapped out of his fugue and Xemnu, while beaten, has managed to escape so he might fight another day. What was quite good about this particular issue is that while it might have been a little repetitive in nature, it was a quick read and to the point. The choice of guest star and villain were perfect, one making complete sense and the other a total surprise and there was good action peppered throughout the book. While the ending was a little sad what with Ben’s feelings being hurt as they too often are, the story was a lot of fun.

4 out of 5

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