Song of the Day: Joywave – Like a Kennedy

The video might be a little uncomfortable to some, but the music is great as is the guitar solo featured within. Here is a little message from the band about the video:

“I can go back to making a mockery of social media tomorrow, but I want to take a minute to address this: Some people have found the music video for “Like A Kennedy” difficult to watch or offensive. It is absolutely hard to watch. It’s supposed to be. It’s a mirror, and the truth hurts. We are somehow still dealing with mass shootings/gun violence on a daily basis 56 years after an iconic US President was gunned down in Dallas. There are 3 “I remember where I was” moments in 20th/21st century American life. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Kennedy assassination. 2 of those 3 events led to massive societal changes (Pearl Harbor = US entry into WWII as well as the internment of thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent, 9/11 = Patriot Act, war on terror, rise of the TSA, etc). But a president was shot and killed by a white man, and his colleagues didn’t act. The buck has been passed for generations. Lee Harvey Oswald’s gun was purchased by mail for $20ish. Decades have gone by with little to no action. It’s not a partisan issue. It’s common sense. No one is PRO school shootings or PRO gun deaths. I don’t have the solution and I’m not going to pretend I do. But I know as long as people cling to buzz words and talking points, nothing is going to change, and more people will die. It’s an epidemic. There are only 535 people in America that can actually do something about it (hi Congress). Stop bickering and break the cycle. Put it on the calendar. Have the conversation before the next tragedy instead of in its wake. Tag your congressperson or senators.”

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