Four Colour Thoughts – Thor #15

The Creators – Jason Aaron – Writer, Mike Del Mundo – Artist, Mike Del Mundo & Marco D’Alfonso – Colours, Joe Sabino – Letters

The Players – Thor, Jane Foster, Odin, Freya, Young Thor, King Thor, Loki, Baldur, Hela, Karnilla, Malekith

The Story – The War of the Realms is over and while Thor tries to take a breath, Odin takes a knee.

The Take – After years of carefully seeded plots and sub-plots, Jason Aaron’s grand design came to a head in The War of the Realms and it was quite grand and a little more than epic to say the least. The fifteenth issue of Thor’s latest volume takes place in the aftermath of that great event and Aaron wastes no time as the book opens with Odin declaring Thor the new All-Father, Jane discovering that her hammer has become something else and the Queens of Hel intent on making Malekith’s latest stay one of pure torment. There are some interesting developments and Aaron is not afraid to shake things up a bit, though at least one of those – that of Thor’s transition into a king, has been foretold for quite some time now. Thor has become a very complicated man under Aaron’s pen, full of doubt with questions of self-worth at times and during others, sure of his heroism and where he stands in the universe. The war brought out the best in Thor and he rose to the occasion and with Odin bending the knee and proclaiming him All-Father, it brings a few of those doubts back to the surface, though it has to be hard not to accept it as his future is there to literally stare right back at him. One of the more intriguing elements to be introduced are the Queens of Hel, one being Hela which is only right and the other being Karnilla, the Queen of the Norns, now a co-ruler and one can only imagine the sort of tragedy they are going to rain down upon those that enter their realm – the first on the list being Malekith whose torture is well-deserved. Mike Del Mundo joins Aaron again with his beautifully painted pictures, the book looking exceptional as he brings this tale of gods and goddesses to life. With additional fun moments featuring Young Thor, King Thor, Odin and Freya, not to mention Loki becoming King of the Frost Giants, Del Mundo and Aaron continue to make a great pair and the book looks to be in great hands as this new era rears its head.

Worth It? – Yes

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