Issue by Issue – Micronauts #16

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Howard Chaykin
Inker – Al Milgrom
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – John Costanza

During the finale of the last issue, it was revealed that the Psycho Man, normally a villain of the Fantastic Four, was the person behind the attack on the Micronauts and even more devastatingly, the death of Microtron. So it is that the crew of the Endeavor now face someone whom they have never come into contact previously and even worse, he is a man that has control over one’s emotions and is able to gain power from them, being able to affect and attack the Micronauts on a level they have never before experienced. Bill Mantlo who is joined by Howard Chaykin, present a tale that finds the companions out of their wheelhouse, but still willing to stand and fight no matter the odds before them. Princess Mari is beside herself with grief, but even more so, there is an anger that has overcome her and when the Psycho Man attacks the Micronauts, all are affected by his machinations but her. Elsewhere in the Microverse, the Fantastic Four have arrived and it is not long before they too join the battle, recognising the villain immediately. While the team are a little unsure about the newly arrived heroes, they soon realise that the Fantastic Four are there to help and what before was a battle that they might not have won, has now become one that they might. Still, Psycho Man is in his element and while the odds have become more favourable, it is still not quite enough, even with Marionette being able to move about freely so that she might cause some sort of harm to the being that killed her friend. Mantlo keeps the focus squarely on the task at hand and there are no sub-plots to be found, such as the one with S.H.I.E.L.D., though in a way, the Fantastic Four do further that a little, nor is there any drama having to do with Homeworld. The artwork is fantastic and the action moves smoothly across the page, Chaykin doing his best to keep things at a brisk pace. Emotions run rampant throughout, that of fear and doubt and more, the Psycho Man feeding off of the chaos that he has caused and as such, he physically grows to a very large, very disproportionate size compared to his foes, but Mantlo and Chaykin leave the book off on a cliff-hanger that finds the fourth member of the Fantastic Four arrive just in time to perhaps even the odds just a little bit more.

4 out of 5

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  1. The Fantastic Four have so many villains to share. To me getting Doctor Doom into the MCU is way more interesting then adding the Fantastic Four themselves! As for your review, you have sold me on this one as well as the next issue!

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