Issue by Issue – Dragonring #5

Writer – Guang Yap, Gordon Derry
Artist – Guang Yap, Dave Cooper
Letters – Eiwin Mark

The fifth issue begins with Kohl having fought his way through a number of monsters while still encountering more on his way towards the Underlord while Yué, Alex and Bakita are lost and wandering, looking for Drake. Eventually, all of them end up in the clutches of the Underlord and it is there that Kohl faces off against him and also where they discover that Miles is still alive. As with every previous book, it looks phenomenal, perhaps better than all of those that had come before with the truly standout scene being that where the Underlord battles Kohl. Out of the entire issue, those two pages are truly beautiful and just look amazing, packed with action, drama and emotion. Sadly the story itself suffers yet again as if there were scenes cut from the final product and it being a very disjointed read at times. There is a little bit of history given on Kohl, Yué and Miles and it somewhat describes their relationship to each other, but that too could have been expanded on just a little bit, perhaps Yap saving it for some future issue. As for why Kohl is here and battling the Underlord, it remains unrevealed, not to mention there still not being any headway made on the mystery of the dragon ring that Kohl wears, though the Underlord manages to recognise it and flees their battle because of it. With one issue to go in this first volume, it will no doubt fail to improve, but if Aircel was smart, they would have put a different writer on with Yap for the second series so that it might improve. In addition to the main feature, there would be a single back-up, this one by Gordon Derry and Dave Cooper, a fun little tale about a monster that is eating its way through a family with a very humorous twist come the end of it. What is even more surprising about it is that the back-up tale was far better than the main story, as short and as quirky as it was. Yet again, it all made for a decent package, but one that could have been more than it turned out to be.

2.5 out of 5

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