Issue by Issue – Micronauts #14

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Howard Chaykin
Inker – Al Milgrom
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Annette Kawecki

Bill Mantlo who is joined by Howard Chaykin, continue to chronicle the events of the Micronauts, or more to the point, one in particular who goes by the name of Bug. Of late, Bug has found himself back on his home planet after being exiled years previously and the homecoming was not quite what he expected. As it turns out, some did miss him like Jasmine, his former love and he even managed to settle the score with his nemesis Warstaff who also happened to be his father. Now there is one task that remains to be accomplished and that is freeing his planet from the influence of Baron Karza and his Dog soldiers. So it is that Chaykin gets to exercise his talent depicting a bit of action as a battle is soon taking place between Bug and his gang against those who have encroached on Kaliklak for far too long. Mantlo makes it a lot of fun as Bug is ever-enthusiastic and joyful no matter the circumstance. Sure he gets a little angry every once in a while, and he channels that into those who oppose him, but he is one of the more interesting and entertaining characters to inhabit this title by far. Elsewhere, the rest of the Micronauts are gearing up to leave Homeworld, Arcturus Rann wanting to head out into space once again as he feels constricted being in one place for too long. Prince Argon is sad to see him go and perhaps a little melancholy over the fact that he cannot join Rann out in space himself, but with Slug by his side, hopefully permanently as his bride, he will be more than content to take up his former position as ruler of his people. Joining Rann is Marionette, Biotron and Microtron and it is not too long either before Acroyear and Cilicia joins him as well, the Prince not wanting to be a ruler himself, instead wanting to explore the unknown with his former and current comrades. It is all a bit dramatic which Mantlo has a flare for and there is the question of the Micronauts finding Bug if he yet lives, to which the answer is given to them not long after leaving Homeworld. It is with the end of this issue that Mantlo and Chaykin close the chapter on the previous dozen-plus issues of the series to begin something new. Where it takes the reader and what happens is unknown, but it should be quite good given the track record of the book up to this point.

4 out of 5

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