Four Colour Thoughts – Event Leviathan #1

The Creators – Brian Michael Bendis – Writer, Alex Maleev – Artist, Joshua Reed – Letters

The Players – Batman, Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, The Question, Green Arrow

The Story – Someone or something, known as Leviathan, is taking out the DCU’s spy organisations.

The Take – With the seeds being planted in Action Comics, Event Leviathan is the latest big thing to come from Brian Michael Bendis, his first big story event since arriving at DC Comics. It is an interesting read as the mystery which was set up previously in Action Comics is expanded upon a little bit and it deepens through the revelations of what Batman, Lois and Steve Trevor discuss throughout the book. Eventually Green Arrow joins up and it comes to light that all of the secret intelligence agencies that populate the DC Universe like Spyral, A.R.G.U.S., the D.E.O., Cadmus and Kobra, have all fallen. That also includes Task Force X and Amanda Waller which is hard to believe, but so it is and standing amidst the rubble of A.R.G.U.S., the main players in this game try and rationalise just who Leviathan is and what its plan might be going forward. There are a couple of minor quibbles with the book, that being little background given and for new readers and while it is not essentially hard to pick up on what has happened, for those that read Action Comics, they will have a greater understanding and gain more appreciation for what is happening in this issue. There is also the fact that for an event-type book, it is a bit of a shame that there were no big moments, those that generate discussion among fans and the like. As it is, there is little movement in the story other than a lot of dialogue between the aforementioned players until the last act where some of that bigger plan is hinted at from Leviathan himself which then ends before any reveal. There are some questions that arise like what role Doctor Strand will play in this larger picture and just where Talia al Ghul currently is and if she will continue to be a part of the game, questions that will most likely be answered in future issues. It is a mystery all of this, and if there is one thing that Bendis excels at, it is keeping his audience intrigued. With some sumptuous artwork from Alex Maleev, the book looks fantastic, but it should have been just a bit bigger than it was and perhaps when all is said and done, it will be just that.

Worth It? – Yes. There is enough going on here to at least see where it is headed.

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