Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #71

Writer – Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Gene Day
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – John Costanza

The incredible artwork of Ron Wilson returns to the latest chapter of Marvel Two-In-One and he brings along regular scribes Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio to pick up a plot thread that seemed abandoned as The Thing visits Attilan. He arrives to see how the Inhumans are doing with their treatment of Henry Croft; to see just what it is that transformed him into the amphibious being he is now and if they can somehow cure him of said condition. It is an almost bittersweet moment for Ben Grimm as he visits of his own accord, his mind at peace for he has recently gotten back together with his girlfriend Alicia and the two now live together in the Baxter Building, Ben able to breathe freely now knowing she is out of danger. For their part, the Inhumans are doing what they can and they deduce that somehow, Dr. Croft and the rest of his people were somehow exposed to the Terrigen Mists, but to figure out a cure, they will need the help of Reed Richards, which they soon receive. It is here that Gruenwald and Macchio do something that perhaps should never have been done as it takes a bit of the mystery out of just who and what the Inhumans are, but do it they do and that is having Reed and the Inhuman scientists come up with a successful ‘cure’ for Terrigenesis. By having this happen, the authors of this tale open up a very large can of worms, for it means that those Inhumans who may not have been happy with their transformations could in theory, have them undone. All of this could in fact, reach all the way up to the Royal Family and when this story is all said and done with, who knows what the consequences of this could be. As it is, somebody does indeed find out about this cure and they want it for themselves, and as it just so happens to be a villain and the man responsible for the recent airquakes that have been afflicting the city, his reasons can only be of nefarious origin. So it happens that The Thing soon finds himself in pitched battle as the villain sends his goons to steal the cure and they arrive in the form of Gronk, Helio and Phobos who are more than a match for Ben. Thankfully the man-monster has a bit of help with the Inhumans on his side, namely Triton, Karnak and Gorgon and they eventually make short work of the bad guys, unaware that their mission had already been accomplished and the cure arriving in the hands of their master. Altogether a very fun tale, perhaps a little slow during the first half of the book, but picking up exponentially during the latter.

4 out of 5

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  1. I had to come back to this because you pointed out something that bothered about some of this’s writing.
    You point out that Ben is outmatched by three of the minions….and it made me mad….Ben Grimm is a maybe a level down from The Hulk but that still makes him more then a match for about 90-95% of anyone else short of a cosmic being in a tussle and that includes handling multiple foes. I think the writers made Ben a bit underpowered so the guest stars would come across better but still…I would have like to see Ben handle more of this kind of freight a little better. On one hand,he is holding up a oil derrick but then he being smacked around by some super-powered flunkies…it makes this book uneven at times.

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    • Yeah, I have to say that Gruenwald and Macchio have been a bit somewhat hit and miss. When I was younger they read great, but now that I have been looking back on them, some are not so great. Still fun for the most part though.

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