A Slumber Party And An… – After School Massacre (2014)

Given the poster of this film and that it features the word massacre within it, one kind of hopes that After School Massacre is going to be good, perhaps in the vein of the Slumber Party Massacre movies which are slasher classics. Sadly, while this picture does indeed feature a slumber party and quite a few killings, it has none of the quality of that aforementioned series in terms of acting, script, practical effects or anything that would make a good film.

The plot is a simple one, that being a history teacher who rebuffs the advances of his students and yet loses his job as rumours of his purported interest in the young women of his class makes it to the top. It angers him of course and so what else is there to do but kill a couple of people and go on the run. He does not go far though as he knows that the young woman who indirectly got him fired is having a slumber party and he means to get his revenge.

There is not a lot to love about this film as almost all of it is terrible. The kills are unimaginative though there is scene where a curling iron is used to murder one of the young women, something slightly different than the usual stabbings and strangulations while the acting, the dialogue and everything in-between is awful. The makers of this film had the perfect opportunity to make a great slasher what with the setting and the plethora of young women, but it was not just bad, but lackadaisical and boring on top of it all.

If there was one takeaway that made it enjoyable, it was the beginning credit sequence which was good and the end credits which featured the epic hip hop track ‘Fruit on My Belly’ featuring most of the cast. Definitely a film that could have been a lot better than it was, though the seeds were there.

1.5 out of 5

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