Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #67

Writer – Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Gene Day
Colours – Frank Martin Jr.
Letters – John Costanza

After successfully claiming the Serpent Crown, The Thing takes it to the only place where he believes that it will be safe, that being Project Pegasus. It is here that Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio give Ben a bit of downtime, just a bit so that he might get a meal and talk to his friend Bill Foster whom he learns is still no closer to a cure for his radiation poisoning than he was before. The book then cuts to Thundra, who was seen in a previous issue returning to the wrestling gym where she was first training and it is there that it returns to now as she spars with Hyperion of all people. While she might be back and wrestling though, she is actually there on a mission – to find out who it was that originally hired her to infiltrate Project Pegasus and with Hyperion’s help, she learns just that. What is most interesting is that Hyperion is also working for this man and while the two of them do not actually meet up with the figure in question, Thundra does learn of the secret organisation he runs and below a bank in their secret headquarters; she meets a scientist who has promised to send her back to her world. Astounding though it may seem as her planet was destroyed, just like Hyperion’s was, the scientist has a way of sending her to one that split off during a moment in time, the same world as it was, merely a different one from a divergent timeline. The book finally picks up in pace at this point, drawn by Ron Wilson who returns to pencilling duty and the action is fast and thick as Thundra makes off with the machine that does the teleporting with Hyperion on her heels. Surprisingly, he is on her side and the two escape, but not before running into Ben on the street who has just gone from trying to make up with Alicia and giving up before finding out the real story behind what he had seen. Suffice it to say, his emotions are a little tumultuous at the moment and he mistakes Hyperion for a villain, when in fact he is not. A battle takes place and Ben stands a fool once again as he always tends to act before he thinks. Eventually things end with Ben alone and pondering over losing two women in such a short period of time, two who had loved him despite his rocky exterior. A fun issue altogether that wraps up two different plots and sets the stage for something new to come.

4 out of 5

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