Issue by Issue – Dragonring #1

Writer – Barry Blair, Guang Yap
Artist – Guang Yap, Barry Blair
Letters – Eiwin Mark

The first issue of Dragonring finds a man attacked by what are quite possibly ninjas, though they do look a little strange. Luckily for him, he escapes and the next day he seeks out a man by the name of Kohl Drake so that he might secure passage to an island he has inherited. Drake accepts the job, as he has a feeling that there might be something waiting for him on that island, though he knows not what it is. Once again, an attack takes place though Drake dispatches the two monstrous looking men with ease. Arriving on the island, things seem a little strange as there is nobody to be found and then suddenly, a large group of armoured women arrive to greet them and lead them up to the castle. Still things are more than odd in the castle, though Drake cannot put his finger on just what it might be. His companion Yue gets an idea of it when swimming in the local waters and it is not long before Drake comes into contact with an otherworldly beast after spending a little quality time with the woman named Cassandra. It is soon revealed that there is a portal to another dimension on this island, one in which a god named Na’Ga resides and with the sacrifice of Yue who has managed to get himself captured, Na’Ga will make his way to Earth. When all is said and done, Drake manages to save the day, wrapping up this first adventure quite nicely. Written and drawn by the team of Guang Yap and Barry Blair, they tell a done-in-one story and introduce an ongoing plot of the dragon ring that Drake received to keep things going throughout future issues. If there is one thing that does not sit quite well, it is the writing feeling a little disjointed at times, as if there were some dialogue or some scenes missing. For a first issue of a new title, it is not scripted as good as it could be and yet that being said, the artwork saves the book and tells the story almost better than the dialogue does. Altogether, it is not all that bad, but it definitely could have been better and while Drake was introduced well enough, those who seem to know him, meaning the supporting characters, were not. Printed in black and white, the book looks great and manages to tell a fun enough tale that it will draw readers back for a second issue if only to see where the mystery of the dragon ring heads.

3 out of 5

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    • Yeah, first time. Not that I haven’t wanted to or anything, just unsure of what I wanted to do. Only going to do the first volume of Dragonring as I don’t have volume two and I find Aircel to generally be a little hard to find.

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