Issue by Issue – Micronauts #11

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Michael Golden
Inker – Al Milgrom
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Joe Rosen

After the battle at Spartak, Baron Karza and his prisoners, those being Commander Rann and the Princess Mari, return to Homeworld to find the Body Banks which are Karza’s seat of power, on fire. It is a little unbelievable, but the rebels have accomplished much while Karza was absent and though he finds it a little galling to say the least, he has no doubt that he will be able to get everyone in line once again thanks to his superiority and the wisdom he has gleaned over the last thousand years. Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden create a picture of a ruler defeated, but Karza is anything but and those who oppose him including the newly-minted Force Commander may just find that out. What is most interesting about this issue is the subject of faith, that belonging to the peoples of Homeworld who have elevated the parents of Commander Rann into almost godlike status. Dallan and Sepsis are whispered and spoken of in every prayer, Prince Argon wears Dallan’s armour almost as if it were forged from the heavens themselves and it is fascinating as to just how much belief has been channelled into these two now mythic figures. It becomes embodied in Rann, the man who slept the last thousand years on his journey through the Microverse and he is looked upon as a saviour, the one man who can save them all and Mantlo does not disappoint as this has been what he has been building to. Karza may think this is just a bump in the road, but it is not long before the Shadow Priests help Commander Rann overcome his memory blocks, helping him remember just who he is and what he commands. That which was lost was the Enigma Force, that which Time Traveler wielded and that which is within Commander Rann. So it is that he emerges from his comatose state a changed being, one who is not going to let Karza subjugate the peoples of Homeworld or anywhere else ever again. Karza puts up a fight, drawing power from the Great Pit which sits below them, that which fueled Karza and his Body Banks, but it is of no use as Rann is simply too much for him. When it is over and done with, Mantlo and Golden deliver a very satisfying ending to their first epic storyline, one which also sees the Acroyears of and the Worldmind come to the aid of those on Homeworld and sees the forces of Karza come crumbling down. Thrilling artwork from Golden highlights this issue and makes is an absolute joy to read, that in addition to the powerful drama Mantlo provides and while things have come to an ending of sorts, it also sparks a new beginning for those called The Micronauts.

4.5 out of 5

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