Issue by Issue – Micronauts #10

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Michael Golden
Inker – Al Milgrom
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Diana Albers

At the moment, things are not going too well for The Micronauts as Commander Rann hangs defeated in the fist of Baron Karza and while Marionette tries her best to save the man she loves, it does not end well. Elsewhere, Bug and Microtron are headed to try and join up with Marionette but an explosion stops those plans in their tracks. On Spartak, Shaitan and Cilicia argue as to what Acroyear is doing to save his people, believing in the old folk tales while Karza’s armada stands poised to wipe them all out, but it is thanks to Acroyear’s belief in the Worldmind that they may just pull out a win. Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden go all out in the tenth issue of the series as it finds all the parties involved in a battle that could potentially be catastrophic for the forces of good. Back on Homeworld, Force Commander who is otherwise known as Prince Argon, along with Slug and the rebels, have taken the Body Banks – those most precious to Karza and those which allows him to keep power over his subjects. At the moment, Karza is unaware of it, but readers can only guess as to what his reaction will be when the news reaches him. As for Acroyear, he has succeeded in merging with the Worldmind and the ancient pact between his people and the planet is put into practice as Karza’s fleet find themselves attacked by the very elements of the planet itself. It is not long before all of the enemy ships and half of their entire force has been incapacitated and still it does not stop there as soon enough, planet and Prince stand victorious over the entirety of the opposing army. Despite the immense amount of action that takes place throughout the issue, there is still time for a bit of family drama to take place between Shaitan and Acroyear, the former condemning the latter as ineffective even though he has just won them perhaps the greatest battle they had ever been involved in. For his part, Acroyear denounces Shaitan and declares him brother no more. When the book is left off, the fate of The Micronauts are unknown as Bug has disappeared while Rann and Mari are declared dead though it is likely that Karza still has them as he wants the knowledge of the Enigma Force that lies in the Commander’s head. Biotron and Microtron still function, but they fear the worst for their friends and with only Acroyear and his depleted people standing with them, if Karza were to attack again, they may not be enough to survive another battle.

4 out of 5

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