Issue by Issue – Tor #6

Writer – Joe Kubert
Artist – Joe Kubert

The final issue of Tor is a book that features more of what has made this series so great – a lot of dinosaurs, exciting action and the fantastic pencils and writing of Joe Kubert. The first tale finds Tor captured only to be served up as a sacrifice. Speaking with the leader of the group, Tor makes a deal that will secure his freedom if he kills the beast that plans to eat him, though after doing away with it, said leader reneges on the promise. During that moment, the leader is attacked by another beast and while all of his followers abandon him, Tor does not. He saves the leader from being killed and when it is all said and done, Tor walks the world a free man once again. Kubert then looks at the Pachycephalosaurus followed by a tale that sees Tor wake up hungry, but then gain a meal after taking advantage of a battle between two dinosaurs where only one of them walked away. A final story sees Tor on the run from a forest fire and it is not only he that runs, but all the creatures who inhabit that area and it is to a small island just off the nearest shore that they head. Following Tor though is a giant tortoise-like creature, scared of the fire but also hungry and Tor must try to save himself however possible. The battle between Tor and the creature take them beneath the waves where thanks to a bit of ingenuity, Tor once again comes out on top and the monster is left to fend for itself. Overall the book was a solid, fun read with uncomplicated stories that anyone could enjoy. If there was one downside to it all, it was that there was little in the way of an ongoing plot other than Tor being left alone in the world after being banished from his tribe. As it is though, it has somewhat worked out for the man as he has met all sorts of people, travelled to places he had never been and met a friend in Chee Chee who is his constant companion. Altogether a short series, but a good one and worth it to see Kubert doing what he does best.

3.5 out of 5

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