Issue by Issue – Micronauts #9

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Michael Golden
Inker – Bob McLeod
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Joe Rosen

While one could think this story about a homecoming for the Micronauts, of which it is in a sense, it is also about rebellion and the right to be free – an overarching theme in the story that Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden have been telling thus far. It is to Spartak that the Micronauts have come to, the home planet of Acroyear and the Prince is welcomed with open arms, something that he never thought would happen again as long as Karza was in power. It is here he learns that Shaitan is locked up, to be dealt with when the war is over and that Karza even now, is on his way to deal with the companions and capture Commander Arcturus Rann before he can become an even bigger problem. The battle is fierce when it arrives and Karza looks to have the upper hand, which he does as his forces are simply overwhelming. Though the rest of the Micronauts lend a hand to the Acroyear forces, it is simply not enough and so Mantlo and Golden introduce their big, science-fiction moment that sees Prince Acroyear go down into the depths of Spartak to speak with the Worldmind, to discover if it will aid him in the defence of his people and planet. It is quite the scene, dramatic and almost awe-inspiring and it works, leaving the book off on a cliff-hanger which will make the reader come running back for more. While all of that was going on, the secondary plot would see Prince Argon and the rebels enact their plan as well as they know that Baron Karza is off-planet and as such, they know that the forces guarding the Body-Banks are not going to be as organised as they would be otherwise. If the rebels succeed in their task, it would essentially cut Karza off from his power-base of the rich and influential citizens and maybe, sway them back towards the monarchy and the side of good. It is perhaps hoping for a lot on the side of the rebels, but the oppression they live under currently is not tolerable for even a day longer and with hope in their hearts and praying that the mythical Commander Rann comes back to aid them, they attack with everything they have. Golden who illustrates this book, does so beautifully, the man getting better and better with each and every issue and it rewards the reader, enriching the already fantastic story. The ninth issue of the Micronauts is a sumptuous work and more than worth the read.

4 out of 5

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