Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #63

Writer – Mark Gruenwald
Artist – Jerry Bingham
Inker – Gene Day
Colours – Roger Slifer
Letters – Joe Rosen

With the first chapters of the latest big storyline in Marvel Two-In-One being somewhat repetitive in nature and taking its time in getting to where it was going, it all ends here in the final act by Mark Gruenwald and Jerry Bingham and while it would have been nice to say it concluded well, it just sort of fizzled out. As such, the story would leave readers with a ‘is that all,’ sort of feeling come the end of the tale. It is not as if it was not told well, Gruenwald understands the characters and nails the dialogue and he continues to add a bit of tension throughout the story, some originating from the High Evolutionary as his Counter-Earth has gone missing and a little from Her, who is still essentially an unknown and all-too powerful not to keep an eye on. Through it all is Ben Grimm, none too happy that he is on this mission, especially due to the fact that Alicia is here amongst all of these cosmic beings out in space with no way to look out for herself. There is also some tension in that situation because there is always the chance that Ben is going to fly off the handle if Alicia is threatened in any way and he is not going to care where it comes from or who the opponent happens to be. Additionally, when the crew finally come across those who stole the planet, they find them to be giant aliens, not essentially violent, but they did steal a celestial body from the sky and the heroes mean to find out why and to get it back so that Her will be able to complete her mission and be reunited with the man she loves, one Adam Warlock who just so happens to be dead at the moment. Bingham draws it all quite well and the book looks great, but the story could have used a big bad, a real villain and not just the usual hero against hero fights. It needed someone behind it all, someone orchestrating all the madness and that did not happen and to that effect, when the answer was provided as to what was happening, it lacked that payoff that readers would be expecting. As to what occurs after this, even if Ben and Alicia end up back on Earth, it does not leave readers wanting to find out what that might be. It is a bit of a shame as the story held a lot of promise; it simply failed to deliver on it and thus made this issue one of the weaker ones to be found in the series. At the end of it all it was decent, but not much more than that.

3 out of 5

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