Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #62

Writer – Mark Gruenwald
Artist – Jerry Bingham
Inker – Gene Day
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Joe Rosen

With Her, Alicia and Moondragon now speeding off to Counter-Earth in order to find Adam Warlock’s body, The Thing and Starhawk are themselves getting a ship in order to follow the three women wherever they might go. It soon becomes apparent that Counter-Earth is gone, where and how remains to be discovered but the three women come upon a ship which they start to explore in the hopes of gaining some answers. It is not long before they find something out of the ordinary, that being the body of the High Evolutionary and while he might seem dead, to Her it is only a passing state and with Moondragon’s help, they are able to revive him. Mark Gruenwald who began this story in the last issue continues to paint a mystery, one large enough that the people represented here including some of Marvel’s more powerful cosmic beings, are unable to figure it out. That includes Starhawk who arrives with The Thing and of course, what happens immediately is Ben getting all riles up because he believes the woman he loves is in danger. So it is that a battle ensues, it of course being a little one-sided as The Thing has little to no chance against Her or Moondragon who can psychically attack him without him being able to lift a finger. There is one small scene where Ben manages to spank Moondragon over his knee, a dated and almost shocking moment if one were to depict such a thing in this day and age and not humorous in the least. Aside from that though, Gruenwald and artist Jerry Bingham inject little to no comedy in the book, keeping it a fairly serious affair which is all right, but different from what one normally sees in this title. Eventually things get worked out and everyone decides to team up as they realise they might want to get things done a little quicker than they would apart. It all leaves off with a lot of questions such as who killed the High Evolutionary and who absconded with an entire planet? There are very few clues to go on, but the heroes have no other choice but to press on and they do just that. While the creators definitely pique the reader’s interest with the story, very little has happened in this and the former issue other than a lot of misunderstanding and fighting amongst themselves. Hopefully Gruenwald can pull it together with the next book and finish the story off on a strong note.

3.5 out of 5

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