Good Advice – Don’t Gamble With Strangers (1946)

Every now and then, Monogram Pictures would release something of note, but for the most part, their films were simply all right when it was all said and done and Don’t Gamble With Strangers would be just that – all right. It was not a bad movie but neither did it achieve any level of greatness. Altogether, it was decent and good enough to keep one entertained, but if one were to try and recall it a week or two later, there was nothing present that would end up being especially memorable.

Starring Kane Richmond and Bernadette Hayes, the two play a couple of con-artists who use their skills at gambling to fleece anyone and everyone out of their cash, teaming up in the film as brother and sister to make bigger scores. There is a bit of drama that goes hand in hand with the gambling as Hayes’ character eventually falls for Richmond, but when he meets someone else, things come crashing down around them and all their dreams of hitting it big remain only that.

The film is interesting enough, though it breaks no new ground and prolific director William Beaudine does just enough to keep things moving and the audience entwined in the ongoing events, but when all is said and done it is fairly standard fare that fails to make much of an impact.

2.5 out of 5

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